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Dr. Zac WatkinsWelcome to Dr. Zac Watkins' Healthy Living Media!

You will find Articles, Videos and Free Ebooks on the Functional Medicine approach to better health, life, and happiness.

FREE (but invaluable) Books

Eatwell to Livewell Book by Dr. Zac Watkins

Eatwell to Livewell

With this book you will get a peak at the actual meal plan that I use with my patients with great results. Feel like a new you in just a few weeks!

Livewell for Longevity Book by Dr. Zac Watkins

Livewell for Longevity

We are at the beginning of a major shift in healthcare. Learn what it is and how it can benefit you and your loved ones!

BalanceWell Book by Dr. Zac Watkins


YOU can quickly and easily take steps to naturally correct hormone symptoms by learning this simple 3-step program.

Expecting Fertility Book by Dr. Zac Watkins

Expecting Fertility

Learn common roadblocks and myths faced by women regarding their fertility and the 3 foundational body systems that are essential to optimal health and fertility.